Reflections from a Peasant Beyond the Moat

I was able to go to college by working at MacDonald’s to defray my college tuition.

My children can work at MacDonald’s and never begin to conceive of paying for college.

It is cost-prohibitive for middle class parents to send children to college.

My parent’s generation was able to survive on one good income and look forward to a nice retirement.

My generation? We will work until we can barely shuffle out of bed and to the car.

Does that make us free Americans or does the state own us?

I believe the state is taking ownership of us:

Piece, by piece, by miserable taxable piece.

My husband and I have  purchased a modest middle class home.

Our youngest son lives in his childhood bedroom.

ObamaCare has reduced him to looking for part-time jobs to fill a need for full-time employment. ObamaCare has castrated the middle class white male.

We worry that our son will be an eternal social cadet because he cannot afford to marry.

Marriage brings many financial state-mandated penalties.

Shacking up, will free up the finances.

Fatherhood is spit upon.

But if my future grandbaby is born out of wedlock my son can abdicate a God-given role

in favor of entitlements for the mother of his child.

The GOP has brought us all of the above.

Not the Democrats.

The spineless, corrupt and self-serving GOP has given us all of the above;

It is the fault of our own party.

They are to blame.

Clay lips and hard hearts.

The peasants beyond the moat will continue to be punished.

It will take a bull-dozer of a man to demolish the GOP House.

That is why I cast my vote for Donald Trump.


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