Republican Presidential Debate: Thursday March 10th

Yowsa!  What was that food debris on Ted Cruz lip?  It migrated from upper to lower lip and finally, he used a lizard-like movement to whisk it back into his mouth.

Some pundits are miffed that Trump was such a media whore last night. Really? Rubio and Cuz attacked him incessantly which allowed for a thirty second rebuttal each time he was attacked.

Trumps hands?  My guess the man is fully operational.  wink

John Kasich?  It was an X-Files night for him.

Anyone else notice the paranormal media activity?

Someone else would give an answer (or rebuttal) to a question. Afterward,the camera would mysteriously center on Kasich and he would begin speaking as if on cue.

Was there a blinking light or hand signal given? He was out of turn but ready to speak.

If I hear Kasich say the word “budget” one more time I am going to hurl.

Best insult of the night?  Trump calling Rubio “Little Marco”.

One faltering step by Trump?  He explained well his American-to-immigrant ratio running the club in Palm Beach by stating the work was “part-time” and all in the hospitality area did the same.  The better term would have been “seasonal”.  In the Dallas Fort Worth area we understand seasonal work because of Six Flags over Texas.

Best move by Trump? Resisting the nay-sayers who goaded him to “release the audio”.  On principle I agree with Trump. Either journalists and media organizations are ethical and abide by well-established principles, or they can be float their privileged information and risk facing a massive lawsuit by Trump.   Nobody has played fair with Donald Trump.

One final note, and this one a sad commentary on our nation.  Why does a moderator have to ask if candidates will “sign a pledge” to support Trump if he is the clear winner. Since when do men of real character have to sign a pledge?  They should stake their name and reputation on an ability to keep their word.





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