Donald Trump: “Advertising is not as Important as Competence”

The March 8th campaign speech and question and answer session was electrifying tonight.

Here is “The Best of Trump”:

  • I want to thank the special interests and lobbyists because they are driving these numbers.
  • Ted Cruz, the Liar says “I am the only one who can beat Donald Trump.”  But he rarely beats me.
  • Many people have called this a movement.
  • We’re going to have borders again. People are going to come into this country but they are going to come in legally.
  • I have low debts and great assets.  (Regarding Mitt Romney) “Mitt got up and he really shouldn’t have done it. He was VERY unbecoming.”..Attacking Trump water and Trump steaks… Trump airline… I sold the airline and it was a very complicated deal. Trump vodka is the largest winery and vineyard on the east coast.  I own it 100 percent.
  • I don’t settle lawsuits.  Because once it is known that you settle, you get sued. When they know you don’t settle, they don’t sue.”
  • Lindsey Graham is a nasty person.
  • Virtually every person who has attacked me has gone down. We are down to four now.
  • I have had such hostility.
  • The press never calls people out.  I call people out.
  • “They are chipping again at Christianity. I am NOT going to let that happen again. We are going to say Merry Christmas at the department stores again.”
  • Hillary is going to be very easy to beat. She is a flawed candidate.
  • In life you have to do what is right.  I am highly principled.
  • I am a common sense Conservative.
  • I am a free trader. But I am a smart trader. Free trade (to be fair) must have smart people on each side. We don’t have smart people.
And everything the man says is from the heart and without a damn teleprompter.
God Bless and keep safe, Donald J. Trump.

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