Republican National Debate, March 10: Fingerprint Observations

I watched one hour and forty-five minutes of the debate. It was fairly flat. Trump does better when he is attacked.

It seemed that Cruz prefaced too many statements with “If I am President…”. I wish he could go (back) to Kansas.

Rubio saved most of his passion for Cuba.

Trump did not back down on Islam hates us. “Hey look, at the largest mosques in the Middle East they are chanting ‘Death to America'”.

Cruz brought up Taylor Force being a Texas boy and somewhat used it to bash Trump for stating he is neutral regarding Israel and the Palestinians. His posture is that neutrality aides negotiations.

* Nice of the Republican party to remind us that ALL OF US will support whoever the nominee is. Yeah, we will “all support” whomever the GOP establishment shoves down our throats.

I predict a massive walk out by the delegates at the national convention. There will be a full revolt on the floor, in front of the public.

Best comeback from Trump? Rubio accused him of hurting some obscure missionary couple in Bangladesh with his comments against Islam, because “words have consequences”. Trump shot back: Wanna talk consequences? We had aircraft flown into the Twin Towers, Pentagon and almost lost the White House.

And it begs the question: Why are Christians never safe when Muslims are a majority?

Christians will only be safe when we confront  Islam truthfully regarding a highly flawed model of governance which persecutes minorities and has no concept of free will. Demands must be made of Islamic Republics. Demands must be made of Muslims who want to raise their generations in America.  In the words of Austin Powers:  Behave!

Yeah, just behave and quit living out the fantasy that Islam provides a utopia experience.

Democracy has the cleanest lines when it is handled with proper care.





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