Christmas Holiday at the Trump House

We all know the drill.  Every family unit has that one relative who has lost their voice within the family because of a lifestyle of combativeness.  This is the one relative whom all sincerely hope will not show up for  Christmas dinner.

Of course they show up. It is time for their yearly show.  Once they have ruined the day and sent a torpedo across the bow of human decency associated with the tradition they take their plate of left-overs and head back home. Once home, they relive their frightfully good time by continuing along with their bitching on line.

Chicago Illinois presented as Christmas Holiday at the Trump House.

Here are  things to consider regarding protest, should you engage the same at any rally:

  • Protest all you want outside the venue. Do a war dance, hold your sign, scream until all who pass can identify your uvula from a distance.
  • Once stepping over the threshold, you are a “guest under the roof”. You are an invitee and as such, behave in an honorable manner.  Questions can be voiced and issues and concerns clarified. But do not bait the host.
We must engage the test of the reasonable man and ask a couple of questions regarding “Christmas Holiday at the Trump House”.
* Are national agitation propaganda cells involved?
* Are international agitation propaganda cells involved?
* Who benefits? Who benefits from  wresting control of the script from Donald Trump?
* Who benefits from changing the conversation to one of a candidate fomenting violence?
The relative has shown up at the Trump house.  Swallow or spit it out?
You decide.

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