Comment by my spouse regarding Trump

My husband made an interesting comment about Trump yesterday. You will find it here:

Infidel Bloggers Alliance

Let me also give a peek into an email written today to one of the members of Infidel Bloggers Alliance. IBA is a transnational consortium of bloggers who are quick on their feet, hard hitting, and both thoughtful and pithy with their freedom of expression. They are not aligned (and in fact have deliberately distanced themselves) from far right leaning movements.  So here is just part of what is going on within the consortium today:

“Just want to send along my thoughts. The next few months will be a rough ride politically since Americans have lost a bit of a sense of balance because of a PC culture. Trump will steer us toward equilibrium but a wild swing of the pendulum in coming months is not a cause for concern in my mind. The (existing) hard pendulum swing to the left means a hard swing to the right may be a temporary, but not final outcome.

Americans will cast their vote in November.  We will then “go home” so to speak and pick up with our lives in anticipation of the government providing for the basic watchful care over our infrastructure.  The State of our Union will remain strong.  Now if Trump is denied his rightful place in the GOP, I anticipate a massive delegate walk out at the convention and stressors in local communities. I also expect Trump to sue the GOP down to their socks for assets.

But Trump is not the stuff of an American Spring. I believe he is charting a good course thus far.

The political process has needed a blood transfusion. But a hemorrhage always proceeds the same.  The GOP and Dem’s are hemorrhaging a lot. This is good for the process. New blood and ideas will come in. Without the hemorrhage, no blood transfusion.

* I nearly spit my coffee out when I saw the images of Metro Barry.  Who can forget when the poor guy put on Mommy jeans for the ball toss at the stadium. No Wrangler boot cut for that guy.  I actually felt great pity for him.  He sought out strong leftists as role models because he lacked a role model in a father.  I can never forget what a man at our church stated with much sadness.  He stated that since he was raised by a single mom, he never quite knew if he was “acting like a man.”  He felt vulnerable in that regard.”



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