Why was Thomas DiMassimo granted bail?

This is what assault looks like

Should DiMassimo have reached Donald Trump the presidential candidate could have suffered:

  • A fractured nose with a periorbital injury
  • A brain bleed
  • Multiple bone injuries if pushed off the platform

Why is this man still on the street?

All know my stance. Any presidential candidate who has garnered enough support and attention to warrant a Secret Service configuration is the potential future POTUS of the United States of America.  Attacking any such candidate is a clear and present danger against our Republic.

DiMassimo is not a guest of the F.B.I.  Why is he not in custody?

  • Editorial note.  On the above video, all elements of the YouTube cannot be confirmed. Some sites believe the Islamic State backdrops are hoaxes.  Others believe that they were indeed on the social media footprint of Mr. DiMassio and that he inserted them as “hoax”.  Regardless, Mr. Trump could have sustained a brutal injury.



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