From Reagan to Trump: Youngstown, Ohio rally

12 June 1987   “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

14 March 2016 “We are going to build that wall.”

“America is going to be great again and it is going to happen quickly.”

“Almost everybody in this audience is smarter than the people running this country.”

“We are going to do things that the country isn’t used to doing.”

“Iraq is Harvard University for terrorists.”

“Our country is falling apart.  We have become third-world in many regards.”

“We are repealing and replacing Obamacare.”

“I backed McCain. We lost.  I backed Romney. We lost.  This time we are going to do it right.”

“Cruz forgot to put his loans in his financial statements.”

“I am going to bring your industry back.” (Speaking of steel and clean coal in Ohio.)

“You are going to be so happy…. You are going to be proud of your President. You are going to be proud of your country.”

“We are going to win at the border…. we are going to win with the Second Amendment… we are going to win so much.”

“I promise you I am going to make you so proud that in two years, in ten years, you are going to say ‘That is the single greatest vote I ever cast.'”


Editor’s observation:  Mr. Trump spoke with great love for the people of America.  You cannot fake what the man expressed. It was not wooden nor contrived. He speaks from the heart.  We have craved a leader like this for nearly eight years. The barrenness and dryness  which Obama has brought to our souls with his chastisement of the people is being refreshed by the gentle and loving tone of a man who is indeed looking very presidential.





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