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Dear Tammy,

Yes, the terror attacks in Brussels make the rumblings of the artillery creep closer. Brussels is an architecturally beautiful, rich in history and a highly civilized city and the act of disrupting life there – as was also the case in the Paris attack – affects one emotionally.  Being a few hours drive from Amsterdam, I have been there frequently on day trips both for pleasure and for professional stints.  On occasions I have taken visitors on a day trip for sightseeing to the Belgian capital.
The politics of Europe is in acute disarray.  For too long, the policy of political correctness – actually it has been the inability to take tough decisions – has allowed the growth of dangerous – frankly put traitorous – elements within the society.  This has allowed Islamic radicals to establish powerful operational bases. The dragon seeds then sowed are now in the flowering mode.  I saw this happening in the late 60s and the 70s in the Netherlands.  It is now – after Paris and Brussels – that the home politics in the Netherlands is getting dominated by the security dimension.  After being tolerant to intolerance for all this time, one is finally recognizing that not all cultures have a similar basis for human interaction. I am sorry to see this happening but am only a leaf in the storm.
* The above, written by a retired biochemist who was a loyal fan of my columns when I wrote for Daily Times Pakistan.

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