America: Wherein Christian Faith Still Resides

Next week my husband will take a small day trip to pick up the best carrot cake in the world.  ($48.00 plus tax)

This vibrant Christian community provides a reminder of our Christian roots which flow out from a community which provides a sustainable base for the families. The young are cherished and the elderly are provided for in Biblical manner.  The Bible teaches to “rise up in the presence of the elderly”.  When we visit Heritage Homestead we see the admonition in play. We also observed tenets of Christian faith in three-dimensional display.

This location provides for a pleasant and affordable lunch experience. Multiple outlying building allow time to browse through a gift shop, pottery barn, textile factory, iron works and woodworking areas,  etc.  The quilts which are handmade by the young ladies are works of art and yes, you have to pay handsomely for the time investment in what is a labor of love.

The experience provided when visiting this Christian community (we have visited many times) is a reminder of faith in action.  That action, chooses an investment in Jesus’ love.

America!  A place where Christian faith not only remains, but Christian faith takes a quiet stand.

Community portrayal video

The video is ten minutes in length. The cinematography is excellent. John Donne is also quoted, and he remains one of my favorite poets.


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