Western Secular Society and Appropriate Intolerance

The problem we have created is immense.  Within Western secular society we have supported a grievous misunderstanding of the concept of tolerance with regard to healthy policy initiatives. Because of the political amplitude given to “tolerance” we have forgotten that tolerance can only be allowed for humane societal practices. Conversely, intolerance should be the standard bearer for any collective practice which seeks to institutionalize cruel behavior or tear at the cohesive fabric of a nation.

Let me bare my own breasts in Joan of Arc manner to discuss appropriate intolerance within civilized Western quarters.

  • Western policy must show express intolerance for facial veiling. We are an open face society. Complex human social interactions are transacted billions of times a day based on receiving and sending facial cues.  By banning facial veiling we also liberate women who may be bullied by their husbands to wear a veil. But facial veils must be banned within secular western democracies.
  • Western policy must criminalize female genital mutilation in all forms. It is appalling that a profession with an oath to “first do no harm” has now postured to allow for a symbolic “nick” of the clitoris to satisfy an abnormal medieval lust for feminine sexual purity.
  • Western policy must ban the call to prayer from area mosques. It is a distinct infringement on the rights of the free perpetrated by those who claim themselves the slaves of Allah.  There is no need for a call to prayer in a modern era. Hadith states that prayer must be on time.  Prayer can always be on time with cell phone in hand.  There is no need to measure sticks (“the noon prayer is when the shadow of the stick is equal to the length of the stick”) nor receive verbal notification to attend prayers. If we believe that mosques should be allowed to broadcast the call to prayer we must also allow neo-Nazi groups to broadcast propaganda five times a day. Noise ordinances will suffice to curtail such activities.
  • Western policy must shield employees and businesses from litigation which encroaches on healthy workplace interactions and environments. Here is the Swofford creed:  Your conviction requires your sacrifice, not mine.
  • Western policies must strengthen language fluency initiatives amongst immigrants and within the public square. We should be intolerant of second and third generation immigrants who refuse to acquire the linguistic skills to successfully integrate within greater society.
  • We should be intolerant of men who believe it is their God-given right to grope, harass and molest Western women. Swimming pools must never be gender-specific nor should gyms be gender specific.  Men who molest women should be arrested. Men who call women whores for dressing fashionably should be slapped. And Western men who stand aside and allow such nonsense should check themselves for a pair of kahunas.

Here is the deal: tolerance is a word best associated with practices.  We tolerate certain practices. Other practices are intolerable.  We tolerate (and hopefully accept) the Haitian immigrant who touches down on our shores for a better life. But we absolutely do not tolerate a practice of killing chickens, blood-letting and voodoo on the front porch. We tolerate (and hopefully accept) the Muslim woman who moves in next door. But we absolutely do not tolerate the practice of a facial veil. The fact that we cannot see her smile speaks volumes. I also believe the practice is a declaration of future subjugation of the host.

Government policies must dictate an intolerance for certain practices so that communal postures can soften toward immigrants in welcoming manner.  But nobody, and I mean nobody, should be tolerant toward cruelty against women, workplace bullying tactics, medieval practices which should have evaporated with the invention of the cotton gin, and practices which encroach on hard-earned liberties and values.

Islam establishes in the West via a para-parliamentary model. Our policies must be crafted in such a way that we can teach immigrants what is acceptable public square practice in a modern world. And our policies must deny a corridor for para-parliamentary activities and practices against secular Western liberty.



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