Donald Trump Victory Speech: New York Primary, April 19

Donald Trump offered abbreviated remarks tonight.  Here is a synopsis:

Our jobs are being sucked out of our states… we have to stop it.

We are going to use our great business people to negotiate great trade deals.

We will build our military bigger, better and greater than ever before.

We are getting rid of Obamacare. It is going to be repealed and replaced.

We are going to get rid of Common Core. Local communities are going to take care of their local needs.

We don’t have much of a race anymore. Senator Cruz is about mathematically eliminated now.

We are going to solve problems… One of the big problems is economy and jobs, and that is my wheel house.

Regarding the delegate system/convention system in general:

It’s a crooked system, it’s rigged. We are going to back to the system: you vote and you win.


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