Sunday: Trump Rally, Fort Wayne

Trump eviscerates Karl Rove:

Time Stamp: begin @ 27 minutes

“Karl Rove is one of the dumbest human beings I have ever watched”

A friend of mine met with a close associate of Karl Rove for breakfast (Fall, 2015).

He wanted her take on the political climate. She laid out some fine thoughts.

The curtain on the political stage continues to rise in grand display to confirm her remarks. Unfortunately, the Rovian political hack continues to Tweet along like Nero’s fiddle.

The party is up in flames. Let the house burn to the ground, sez I.

Has Paul Manafort warned Mr. Trump about a political rattlesnake?

Karl Rove needs to pack up his large suitcase of manipulative GOP  nastiness and head home. I am sure he would like to stuff Ted Cruz into a bag too because Cruz is a worse GOP ventriloquist dummy, than was Jeb (low energy) Bush.

Hey Karl!  You cannot throw your voice into the process anymore. We the People are speaking.  Trump is just a magnification of our collective will.

Take a hike.


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