Anniversary Date for Garland Attack

About this same time last year I was sending out my first text to Falls Church, Virginia letting a friend know that the Draw Mohamed event had been attacked by unknown assailants.

We knew:

  • An officer was down
  • We had been moved to a hardened area
  • We were being told to cease sending out digital information
  • We were awaiting convoy transport to a secondary location
  • A bomb sweep was being conducted within the perimeter

You will find several blog posts with my thoughts immediately after, and in the days following the terror attack.  Scroll back to the May 2015 archives.

Freedom of Expression or Death Certificate?

I remain grateful to be alive today.

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  1. …I luolaompcnttisti facciano pure a meno di gioire…Invece mi sa che ccontinueranno ad usare la notizia all'infinito come stanno facendo per la termite tra le macerie del WTC ed altre…


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