The GOP Rout: A glimpse into my e mail

The member of a powerful blogging consortium sent me this link and asked my thoughts.

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My response?

“A bit simplistic and the grammar is lacking….

I do agree those who are not up for re-election this cycle may feel cushioned from the Trump wave. Wait until the second wave hits them.

What perhaps caught them by surprise is the timing of the Trump ascendancy. The insiders thought that Trump would take it all the way to the convention and that is where he would be stopped, put on display, used as a “lessons learned” for those who would take the GOP to task.  When he hired Paul Manafort the foot shifted slightly. The vote in Pennsylvania exposed their deep miscalculations regarding how they wanted to exploit Ted right up until the end. It has been asses and elbows ever since.”




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4 thoughts on “The GOP Rout: A glimpse into my e mail”

  1. Recent Tweet from one of the GOP’s mouthpieces:

    All honor to @JebBush, who won’t vote for Trump. Hasn’t shown “temperament, strong character, respect for Constitution.” Indisputably true.


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