Letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Subject: Obama’s Transgender Directive and Violation of the Geneva Convention


Honorable Ken Paxton, I have multiple reservations regarding the Federal branch abuse of power and attempts to institutionalize childhood self-mutilation and tax-payer funded experimentation without consent. As a prior LCDR in the US Naval Reserves (Nurse Corps) I am well-acquainted with the Geneva Convention and the opinions which came out of the Nuremberg trials. None may suffer under experimentation without consent. And that consent does not extend to minors, even under the guardianship of an adult. Transgenders suffer from identity fragmentation. But when we note the fragmentation occurring at younger ages due to the agenda and propaganda of a vile POTUS it must be treated as mental illness and not supported as normative psychological behavior. A child who wishes to self-mutilate the genitals is indeed, mentally ill. We are institutionalizing mental illness. We will force our teachers to affirm mental illness. And we will be complicit in destroying the lives of the innocent. As a woman there is also another issue of great tenderness. The age of menarche for little girls is twelve years, give or take a few months for ethnicity considerations. This is a time when prudent mothers invest in their daughters by teaching them – and giving them the space – to manage the very private aspects of this feminine burden. Are we REALLY SAYING that a twelve year old on her menstrual cycle will be subjected to public exposure by men when there is the need to shower and clean up a bit? If we believe this, then surely it is o.k. for fathers to also share the shower with their daughters. Why not? The societal impact of President Obama’s illegal directive are so massive that I have yet to comprehend the cost. Please, Honorable Ken Paxton, do not allow this evil to encroach and incrementally change the JudeoChristian values which have made our state a great place to raise our children. And do not allow our public schools to function as charnel houses where the stench of societal decay becomes completely unbearable. V/R Tammy Swofford


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