Muhammad meets Galileo

My favorite joke book is one given to me by a dear friend. I highly recommend it.

Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar

Today we will have Muhammad and Galileo walk into a bar.  In the future, Muhammad will walk into a bar with other great men of science and letters, mathematical genius, and physicists. Let’s see how the man stands up.

In order to understand Islam, it must be understood that what Muhammad spoke was not Divine Writ by any measure. Hence, the setting within a bar.

Here we go!

Galileo:          “Can I tell you about the universal law of acceleration?”

Muhammad:  “Did you know that the eye is the drawstring of the anus?”

(Sunan Abu Dawud, English Translation. vol 1 pg 50, no.203 -also rated authentic in Irwaa al-Ghaleel, vol 1, p. 148, no. 113.

Pass me a drink!



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