Imagine…. no hell amongst us…. above us only sky….

One Leftist psychotic imagined the Orlando slaughterhouse was due to Christian hatred.

He posted his thoughts within the cyber ghetto of intelligence otherwise known as Twitter.

It begs a simple question. Who will this individual blame for  “hatred against children”

when we awaken to the news of our children slaughtered in the name of Allah?

It is time to paint a target.

The target has one word on it.


I support a ban on Muslim migration to the West until this thing burns itself out,  starves itself out, or enters its second decade of reform.

There is no such thing as radical Islam.  There is only…. Islam.

The radical Muslims are those who have walked away from core doctrines of the faith.

The normative Muslims are those who embrace the core doctrines of the faith. Omar Mateen was a normative Muslim.

Imagine…. no hell amongst us.  Imagine, if you can bear it, the intense suffering which Islam brought to Orlando in the name of a “little g” god. Time to debunk the myth.


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