The FBI and Watchful Neglect: Reposted from 13 February 2016



Below is the complete post from 13 February 2016.  I think it is important that we consider a failed model of business. This is NOT working. Fifty dead today, and fifty-three with wounds which one surgeon specified as predominantly to the chest and the abdomen, and also the limbs.   We are talking active warfare on American soil.

The other pressing issue at hand is thus:   The American government remains unwilling to have an honest and open dialogue with the American People regarding geopolitical Islam in the 21st century and the danger it presents to the West.  Americans will continue to die. And the ones who lived today? A colostomy device might await more than a few.

The FBI and Watchful Neglect


Mohamed Barry made radical statements. The Friendly Brethren took a look at the man. He was placed on a watch list. He then entered the grey zone known as “watchful neglect”.

Watchful neglect is a term used by those in the medical profession. It denotes the posture of a physician who knows something is wrong with a patient but declines to intervene.

Instead, the physician merely observes the patient. The trick is not to observe until the client declines so rapidly that you lose control of the health outcome. When you lose control, you are leveled with charges of malpractice.

Sound familiar? The Friendly Brethren undoubtedly do a great job with  some of their asylum seekers.  But there are those that break out of the asylum to engage machete attacks on innocent people munching on a sandwich at a Mediterranean Grill owned by an Israeli-Arab American.

When the story broke I noted a strange silence. There was not a quick appearance by family members with their lawyers to distance themselves from the actions of the one. It made me think the perpetrator was a lone wolf in more ways then one:  Lone wolf and single-entry visa into America.  Ask yourself. Why was he given the gift of entry to America?   Because he was poor and from Somalia, a Muslim? Because he was poor, Somalian and deranged?

Take one minute and envision the carnage in slow motion. Please. Take one minute. I grew up in Mexico and machetes were used to cut sugar cane. They can also cut into  bone. Imagine being within the small space of the Nazareth grill seated in one of the booths meant for two. Imagine being assaulted with a machete by a Somalian who had no real business, talent, ethical framework, nor reason, to be granted his wish of living in a place called Blessing. But we did import a Curse.

Take a few more moments and activate your thought life.  There were parents and children who fled the restaurant. Imagine watching a child being hacked to death.

Do you believe that watchful neglect is a good model of business?

Don’t worry. The story is already buried. Before the wounds heal, before the discharge from the hospital, media wants you to forget about Mohamed Barry.

You will forget… until children are killed. That is my prognosis.

Swofford never forgets.

Watchful Neglect

Please note the fifth paragraph below the first image:

“Information connected to the registration of the suspect’s car triggered an alert that required contacting the local terrorism task force, including the FBI…”


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