Trump Speech at St. Anselm College

CNN political commentator Carl Bernstein just called Trump “predictably abhorrent” for his speech at St. Anselm College today.

I watched the Trump speech at this link which I use to watch the live speeches or catch up with Trump rallies. Trump tube is a reliable venue.

St. Anselm College Speech

I find Trump’s remarks to be logical, focused, and clear.

What is “predictably abhorrent” is CNN’s consistently deceptive reporting on what is a national tragedy.

We have war on American soil, violent ideology which is not compatible with cherished Western values. Because the slaughter is incremental, we compartmentalize it.  Take a moment and imagine the Fort Hood,  Boston, Chattanooga,  Columbus, San Bernardino, and Orlando attacks all on the same day. What if the news broke about Fort Hood, then Boston, and an hour later the news about Chattanooga…?  Would pick up your children from school, bar your doors, stand transfixed before your plasma screen television?  Now, do you see the battlefield? It is on our soil. It is here. It is nearer than you think.

It is time that we take a stand. This stand is not being made against Muslims who are true Americans who embrace our values. The stand is against the core concepts embedded within Islam which make allowances for violent retribution in the name of a “little g” god.

Islam is awash in violent ideology. If you are unaware of the same you have not studied Islam. I contend that the day will come when our children will die.

Perhaps then you will understand. Perhaps then, you will reject Islam.






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