Shock and Awe

It has been nearly fifteen years since 9/11.

Fifteen years – and still: There are Muslims in America who want to kill Americans.

This is not conspiracy. It is fact. It is fact written in bloody handprints.

Bloodlust. Muslim spree killers.

We saw the usual bloodlust in San Bernardino, and now in Orlando.

*Don’t leave out Columbus, Ohio and the Nazareth Grill.

Three events: Three events in recent months.

A wife that participated in the first event.  A wife that was aware of a jihad plot for the third event.

Men and women. Not just the men. Women: both mothers of a child.

It is a family affair. And we are not talking the Brady Bunch.

I support a Shock and Awe immigration overhaul.

American blood is precious.

It is too precious for apology for what must be done to protect American lives.

We don’t have time.

And we really have no choice.

Unless of course, the bloody handprints do not mean anything to us.

I have never supported arbitrary violence against Muslims. It would be immoral.

I do support arbitrary, enforceable solutions to prevent violence by Muslims.

We CAN make a logical moral choice.




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