Live Blogging: Trump Dallas Rally – June 16th – Trump campaign one year anniversary

You are going to be very proud of your country and hopefully, very proud of your President.

The press: these people are brutal.  They are so one-sided, it is so biased.

I just watched President Obama.  (Booing in the crowd)…. To a large extent he is blaming guns.  And I am going to save your Second Amendment folks.

The problem with our country is that we have leaders that give up.  They gave up on trade…. They gave up on the borders…. It is almost like they gave up on ISIS.

They have come into our country and they are working very hard. … One sleaze bag…. one person, laughing…. posting on Facebook as he was shooting.

The violation that was allowed to take place…. it was weakness…. people do not respect us anymore.

Addressing protesters: Protesters are sorta funny. We want a strong  military, we want to be protected.  We want people to pour into the country but we want them to come in legally.  We want great education.

Obamacare in Texas just went up sixty percent in Texas. Your premiums have gone up sixty percent.

The protesters begin to act out like juveniles….

“What, they don’t like that? O.K. get them out. The police can get them out.”

Now remember this: We protect each other but we protect everybody.

So we have to have people come into our country who do not hate us…. We are allowing thousands and thousands of people to come into our countries from countries that are terrorists countries.

Number One:  We have to stop people with hate in their heart from coming into our country.

We owe China 1.7 trillion dollars right now.

We have such great endorsements. And we have them from winners….  by incredible champions. And we are thinking about doing something that is different rather than listening to politicians…. we are thinking about (at the convention)…. we are going to have a winner’s night.  So maybe  (and I haven’t even asked them yet)…. but you take these winners and you have them speak.

  • Journalist note:  I remember that at one of Trump’s rallies he mentioned that he liked to watch sports, but he only liked to watch the teams that win.  I think that says quite a bit about the man.  In other words, why waste your time watching the losers? Watch the winning coaches and see how they pull their teams together and take them to the championship games.

Hillary is going to raise your taxes big league. And she does not want to talk about it….. I am bringing our taxes down and I am going to put us to work again.

  • Twenty minutes into the speech.  Should you care to watch any of the Trump rallies you can find them here:
  • Trump Speeches



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