Ramadan: Make Mine a Double Scotch

Yep,  its that time of year again.

Time to vandalize private property because of consumption of alcohol.

Attack on a Free Speech Venue

  • Hanafi jurisprudence does allow for the consumption of date wine.

But what you just witnessed on the video is Jihad Fee Sabeelillaah. This means Jihad in Allah’s path, and on a more granular level it means jihad against forces of disbelief. So while thugs beat individuals with pipes in Istanbul, we witnessed Jihad Fee Sabeelillaah in Orlando with lethal force against “disbelievers”.

The laws against alcohol consumption come from a Sunni body of jurisprudence known as Qiyaas.  The Shi’a have their own distinct precedence but my greater area of expertise is Sunni law.

Twist it in the wind, allow media chameleons to lull you into complacency.

But remember one thing: Jihad in the Path of Allah is as valid today as it was in the era that

Muhammad first burst onto the scene of history.

Islam cannot change.  So we…. must change. We must cease the handwringing over a “religion” and understand we are dealing with a geopolitical dynamic which brings civil strife and unrest in the West and the same to areas seeking to modernize.

And yes, make mine a double scotch!


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