Entering the mind of a Muslim spree killer

Having had approximately 18 months of correspondence with an al-Qaeda loyalist; having sustained a lengthy online dialogue with another man who met with Osama bin Ladin several weeks before the 9/11 attack; having spent quite a bit of time (on multiple occasions) seated across from a man engaged in support operations for highly placed Chechen rebels; having mentored extensively under both a Mufti and one other legal Shari’ah lawyer;  having entered the world of subterranean jihad thought for many years; and having fiercely resisted active and passive recruitment into this frightening world – I stand as someone qualified at least on small scale – to write about the dynamic of Islam and Muslim spree killers.

An additional qualification is my own military service within the US Naval Reserves, rising to the modest rank of a Lieutenant Commander. Comparative analysis of Western military chain of command and intellectual battlespaces with Islamic chain of command (both Sunni and Shi’a) and her unique battlespaces have also served me well.

There are considerations which I will place on this page in coming weeks, and it will be formatted like a miniaturized white paper.  The thoughts will be easy to follow and properly annotated for the readership. Everything which can have a scholarly trackback will be noted within each individual post for ease of reading.

Be patient.  I am at the beginning point of taking you into the mind of Muslim spree killers.  But to do so I need to pull a few books and archived notes.

I have determined the topic for the first post.  The focus will be on a subtle disassociation technique used by the U.S. military which minimizes the risk that our own soldiers and sailors embark on lifestyles of spree killing.



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