Life Interrupted

Christians once again mounted an attack.  This time the attack was mounted at the Ataturk International Airport.

Screeching halt.  Nope.  Those are not the headlines which we must endure.

Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels, Orlando….

Life interrupted.

But for others, life is over.

Islam on the war path. The drumbeat draws closer.

It is incremental war – and time and chance are being compressed into ever smaller packets.

But incremental war only counts for those who have had life interrupted or the survivors of those whose lives have been taken. Will the next time/chance packet effect you?

We not understand geopolitical Islam on steroids.  The steroid boost comes from digital communication capabilities and transnational travel capabilities.

In a lazy mood this morning I stopped myself from typing “Terror attack today” into a search engine.  I smiled and thought, “That is silly! You think about these issues too much!”

But at what point will we end each day by typing, “Terror attack today” into a search engine. Today, the search engine pulls up news coming out of Turkey. Might there be news tomorrow?

Do you recognize war? And do you know when you are in it?

Ask the survivors. Ask the ones who have survived Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels, Orlando…. and now: today’s attack on the Ataturk airport. War affects all of the sense organs.  Today, individuals at the airport were treated to sensory overload and a frontline war experience. Courtesy of…. the usual suspects.

My prayers are with the families of the injured and the deceased.



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