If Islam is a religion of peace….

The atrocities below were committed by members of a religion of peace:

Paris… San Bernardino… Belgium… Tel Aviv… Orlando… Istanbul… Dhaka…..

If Islam is a religion of peace, and the above acts were committed during a time of peace, how does Islam behave in a time of war?

It cannot be said “These are not Muslims. They have no religion.”

Yes.  They are Muslims. And they practice a religion.

Who is this god named Allah?  Who is this god of slaughter?

Foreign nationals were isolated and hacked with sharp objects and beheaded by men declaring the greatness of their god.

Accept the challenge.  Who is…. this god named Allah?

  • A Fox analyst stated “The world is on fire.”   The truth is that the Muslim world is on fire.  At what point, does it engulf each of us?

At this point Muslims are “chasing the dragon”.  A reference to drug usage seems appropriate.  All it takes is a piece of foil and a drug with a street name of “Allahu Akbar”. Chasing the dragon provides countless slaughterhouses (formerly known as office spaces, restaurants, airports, and clubs) for those who are euphoric with the blood lust of Islamic conquest.

In our nation, our slaughter of cattle and poultry is far more humane. It is quickly accomplished with an eye toward minimal suffering of the animal. We  send people to jail for hacking away at animals in our society.

What is being done by Muslim spree killers is on scale with other historical spree killers.  They were eventually stopped.  I am not convinced that our current policies can stop this.

I also support a complete change in police response to these situations. Muslim spree killers will NOT negotiate. They intend to die and they intend to kill as many as possible up until their dying breath. Whilst we diddle along with the negotiation thumbs up the asses, they are torturing and killing their hostages.  We need to move quickly into these slaughterhouses with full force. Rapidity and force. Period.

A few may suffer death by friendly fire. But a greater percentage of lives will be saved in the end.  And those felled by a bullet may count themselves luckier than the foreign nationals who suffered torture and beheading in Dhaka.

Give me an American bullet – over a hacking death by someone chasing the dragon on any given day.

*Do I hate Muslims?  Nope.  Do I hate that Islam’s Qur’anic/Sunnah command structure is fueling this hatred against innocent people.  Yep. I hate it because one day the dragon may catch up with me.





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