FBI Director Comey: No Charges against Hillary Clinton

Oooh, !  “That” really hurt!

Pow! Take THAT Mrs. Clinton

Gosh, I bet Hillary is having the worst day of her life! She is no match for the defenders of the public good!

Director James  Comey calls Hillary Clinton “extremely careless”.  But there will be no charges brought against a woman who at a minimal level engaged in official abuse of capacity.  And it is not a stretch of the imagination to believe that she violated elements of the Espionage Act. The manner in which she  did not maintain chain of custody of state secrets, but also shared state department e mails with civilians lacking necessary clearances disgusts me. As a former Naval Officer who understood on simple level the nature of such things, I am an American, deeply offended.

Corruption at the highest levels

Mrs. Clinton gets a tongue-lashing.  There!  We can all go home now. The taxpayer-funded show is over.

Yet this journalist cannot forget the targeted persecution of a seasoned journalist seeking to maintain source confidentiality, which is the lifeblood of our profession.

Using the Espionage Act against a Journalist

We proclaim liberty and justice for all.  Well…. not necessarily.


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