Cross Pollination of Thought: Infidel Bloggers Alliance

Below,  two links from Infidel Bloggers Alliance regarding the FBI decision regarding Hillary Clinton.  Please take the time to read these posts.

Infidel Bloggers Alliance: I

Infidel Bloggers Alliance: II

Meanwhile, back at the farm:

The dishonest media continues to play with the Ouija board to determine the “intent” of a simple red star on a Trump tweet.  To me, the image was reminiscent of old newspaper ads which would sport a star to announce a sale.

Tammy Swofford doesn’t play with Ouija boards.  I am an ethical journalist. I work with facts and not speculation, nor “intent”.  Intent does not count in journalism and nor should it have bearing in a court of law.

For a look at Director Comey’s career:

Another blogger coughs up a hairball

Watergate or Servergate – which one is more distasteful?

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