A Glimpse into my e mail today

Awakened this morning to condolences sent from Pakistan for the deaths and injuries of Dallas Police officers at the hand of an evil bastard.

“Thank you for your kind thoughts.  There is no category for what happened in Dallas. Yes, it was an act of terrorism inflicted by an American on the men and women who serve our nation in uniformed capacity.  But the man is also an evil bastard. He wore the cloth of our nation and an oath passed his lips to protect and defend.  That oath is meant to also bind us to a line of thought:  Our weapon must only be engaged against threat.  Our weapon is also NEVER discharged except under chain of command and with permission to fire at will.  The shooter violated rules of armed conflict and elements of the Geneva Convention.
I am quite satisfied that Dallas Police sent a robot with a bomb on it and blew him into eternity.  You live by the sword, you die by the sword. Simple as that.
Problematic Shokee, is that protests have now become a platform for agitation propagandists and a shooting gallery for those with ill intent.  The Dallas Police actually sent out images of themselves  seated with and standing with protesters in an act of unity against violence. They also did not wear riot gear. The protest was peaceful. And this was a community policing type event.
Now where the police department erred, and this will change the way protests are managed, is the parking garage was not secured prior to the event.  I assume rooftops were also not secured.  In this day and era all possibilities must be considered. The perimeter was not secured. And of course, the shooter had a vantage point. Kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. We made it easy for him.”
Link from my transnational blogging community.  If lacking in time, merely read the final paragraph.

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