Black Lives Matter – Dead White Cops Don’t Count

CNN Propaganda

Let me simply note that many of us cannot join a street protest nor do we care to do so. We have jobs and obligations. Our protest is digital and consists of letters to our duly elected officials, attendance at city council meetings and casting our vote. My perception is the latter is more practical than the former.

Viral videos can be warm and fuzzy. They do not reflect the reality of our daily lives. Perhaps in the case of CNN posting the above video a deliberate attempt is being made to mute the very real tragedy which occurred on the streets of Dallas on June 30th. Warm hugs do not bring back the dead. This is my city. Blood flowed and lives were lost.

Hatred exists prior to the existence of a target.  The target is mere convenience.

I consider Black Lives Matter an anarchy movement.

And I toss out the usual challenge.  Should you retain animus against those who serve on your behalf, please bind yourself with an oath.  Refrain from dialing 911 for any and all emergencies.  Handle the same with your own superior wisdom, self-righteousness, and strong sense of what is “right” and what is “wrong”.






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3 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter – Dead White Cops Don’t Count”

  1. Thanks for the note on the link. I will try to rectify it. If unable the scenario is thus:

    Small BLM group crosses paths with flag-waving hard scrabble looking second group. Hugs all around! Now, now! Don’t we all feel better about the cops killed on the streets of Dallas, the widowed newlywed, the orphaned children?

    Go home. Forget about what happened in my town: Tombstone.


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