Question of the Day

This question is put into play with sorrow and not any sense of glee.

Are “security forces” rightly named if they show up after the dead bodies and the injured have already piled up in the streets?

A total of 2,300 officers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland descended on the streets of Munich after the tragic event yesterday.

They descended – after Hell had already provided her latest sideshow.

Perhaps, they are merely sentinels of the dead.

What we are doing is not working.


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2 thoughts on “Question of the Day”

    1. But where did he acquire the weapon? That is problematic.

      And if he was already being watched then again, it shows the weakness of watch lists. Too many too watch. I believe watch lists should serve as quickly activated lists for prosecutable cases and lock up. An individual on a watch list cannot be eternally watched with three layers of surveillance. It is impractical.


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