The Party of Allah

My close circle of friends understand Ariadne’s thread and the labyrinth of thought required to catch a glimpse of the Minotaur.

By comparison, most Americans are practically tabula rasa regarding Islam and her geopolitical tethers to violence as an acceptable conquest model.

The signals coming from the Munich attack were confusing, hence a need to pull back from commentary on the story.  A strong signal sent by media was the speculation of a white supremacist shooter because of the anniversary date of the Breivik attack. (22 July 2011, Norway).

Only one statement from the shooter caused me to realize we were not dealing with a neo-Nazi ideology. “I am German and I hate foreigners.”

It was a taunt. The statement was a taunt. This confused the report out.  But in the end, the man who targeted children was an Iranian.  The Nice, France killer targeted children and mothers. He steered his killer machine toward baby strollers.

I am a patient woman.  When media spun the Orlando Pulse Club attack as a hate crime, an attack on gays, we were looking at fruit and not root.  Conversing with those who understand Ariadne’s thread I merely noted, “What will we call it when children are killed? Will it be a ‘hate crime’ against children?”

Many years ago when the appearance of adult male suicide bombers first became apparent I noted that once the family unit is breached, the women and the children will follow.  Soon after, we had Black Widows in Russia. We have a Black Widow on the run, a British citizen, who has orchestrated death and destruction in her path.  We have had child suicide bombers. (Recommended film: Eye in the Sky)

This trending into the family unit will produce a new level of violence. We are almost there.  An eighteen year old Iranian in Munich targeted children.  In a few months we will see a Muslim child inflict violence on his childhood counterparts in the West.

Why do I know this and how can I make such a bold statement?  It is easy. Muhammad commended a man for killing another man in battle.  Who did Abdullah ibn al-Jarrah kill? He took the life of his own father. What kind of a bastard congratulates a man for killing his own Dad?

Well, it is revealed text in the Qur’an, and this nugget given to me by a loyalist to Osama bin Laden:

“You will not find any people who believe in Allah and the Last Day, loving those who resist Allah and his Messenger, even though they were their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers or their kindred.  For such hath he Written Faith in their hearts, and strengthen them with a Spirit from Himself.  And he will admit them to gardens beneath which rivers flow, to dwell therein (forever).  Allah will be well-pleased with them, and they with Him.  They are the party of Allah. Truly it is the Party of Allah that will achieve felicity.”  Surah al-Mujadilah 22

The Party of Allah.  The party is now being offered on a weekly basis. War on the threshold.

World War M.





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