Womanly Fear as the Metric for Civil Society

Two links will suffice.  But The Last English Prince has a belief.

Womanly fear is the ultimate metric which defines society.

Women with confidence to go about their daily tasks and chart their own course?

Civil society!

Women with a pervasive sense of mild anxiety regarding their free moral agency?

Barbarian Society.

Europe in general:

If the act of being observed by Muslim men cause the women and young ladies to change their behavior the change is based on fear and not a belief in chivalry and the gallantry of the male species toward his counterpart.

In the West, ladies will pick the dress with the slit which shows just enough to serve up as a mystery appetizer suggesting there might be a lessened resistance to a gentleman’s advances .  Perfume?  We all have our favorite!  Black stiletto with the red heel? Classic! Laughing, eye contact, a whispered thought into the ear of the counterpart?  Now!  We have a civilized society! Let the wine glasses be raised in toast. Hopefully, the food and ambiance make for a pleasant evening.  Women live in moments of time.  All of us have had wonderful moments in the presence of a gentlemanly counterpart.

We don’t want our moment in time to be a memory of a man giving us a tongue lashing for what we choose to wear to the beach.

Islam forbids perfume (unless worn for the husband). It is an “olfactory stimulant”.  Among Afghan tribal women ankles and wrists are also covered. The women exist outside the home walking around in tents with eye slits.

Stiletto? No clacking of the woman’s heels in Islam. It increases the libido of the men.

But to decrease the libido of the woman,  the clitoris must be dealt with.

In some Islamic regions there is no eye contact between the sexes unless related by bloodline. Excessive laughing just might be punished and whispering in the ear of a man might also cause a woman to receive a thrashing.

One Muslim explained the rules for women in public as thus:  If a woman is standing at a street lamp waiting to cross the street with a group, she is safe.  But if she is a woman alone standing at a lamp post she is fair game.

What if that woman is walking alone at night to procure medicine from a pharmacy?  What if the woman is a mother with a sick child?  Is she….. fair game?

And then we get to the fatwa of a scholar in Egypt. Women could only work in the office with men with whom they were related or whom they had breastfed.  In Islam, breastfeeding dovetails into blood line.  My line of work requires me to be up at odd hours, and yes, work alone with men.  As noted for my husband, “So many men!  So little time!”

The vast majority of Muslim men flooding into Germany and beyond DO NOT THINK like Western men. Many will never think like Westerners.

They are suspended particles in a caustic solution which is stirred by an Islamic stick.

Womanly peace makes for a civil society.

Womanly fear heralds in a new era of societal decay.

Give me (privately practiced) free will debauchery any day.

But do not give me the sacrifice of our women on the altar of Islam.

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