Khizr Khan: The Deployment of an Elaborate False Flag Operation Part II of III

I sat in the presence.

I sat in the presence of a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The United States Constitution is an Islamic document.”

From there, a full discourse on how “this” is how Islam “really looks” in pure form.

Much later, the same line of thought from a powerful Sunni jurisprudential organization based on U.S. soil:

Fiqh Council of North America

From the cryptographic novel _Arsenal_ by author Tammy Swofford.

The title of this chapter is “The Architect”.

“… Ahmad was still deep in thought, now inside his home with the fireplace popping and crackling with joy. Visualizing the deck which was now blanketed with snow his mind moved back in time to his relationship with Dr. Umar Rolf Ehrenfels.  A statement stuck in his mind. ‘Individual philosophies created chaotic societies…’

Universal values.  Two simple words.  The vast application entered his mind. He was surprised by the simplicity and the clearness of the command. He must craft a message of universal values. The words would sound secular, adaptable to the Western ear.  But the cryptograph would be Qur’anic… he reached across his desk and place a copy of the Constitution of the United States within his reach. It was time for a paradigm shift. And once the paradigm shifts, the way in which an individual interprets information changes. As-Sirjani allowed his mind to relax again and imagined the duck-rabbit ambiguous image. The words of Thomas Kuhn came back to him, a passage he had memorized from “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.” Closing his eyes he envisioned the printed page in his mind. ‘The subject of a gestalt demonstration knows that his perception has shifted because he can make it shift back and forth repeatedly while he holds the same book or piece of paper in his hand.'”

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