Khizr Khan: The Deployment of an Elaborate False Flag Operation III

Khizr Khan lost a son on the battlefield.  For that I am truly sorry.

Gold star mothers have lost children on the battlefield. For that I am also truly sorry.

But personal suffering does not allow any individual a monopoly on a national conversation.

Suffering and personal vignettes will always exist because we are cut from the cloth of humanity. All suffer. None live unscathed by life’s sorrows. By sharing our pain we are at times able to soften the edges of our grief.  But suffering is not sainthood and human perceptions are based on partial truths. Our own world is the one which we observe and experience.  For that reason, freedom of expression is utterly necessary for societal health.

Those who place their private grief onto a very public national stage must understand one thing.  The right to dress down a presidential candidate also means others are given the opportunity to dress down the one who has cast accusations. This brings societal health.

The process by which an attack is now being mounted against Mr. Khan is also the same process which preserves a sacred Constitutional right. In six months,  all will have forgotten Khizr Khan.  But may we never forget what is worth defending to the death: our right to human expression.

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