Trump Speech: Daytona Beach

Stephen Miller (Trump senior policy advisor) is doing an increasingly better job of warming up the crowd for his boss. But he is also moving into a format of pre-framing the conversation before Donald Trump speaks.

Lt General Michael Flynn (Ret) takes the stage:

“I am doing this because I am an American citizen who cares about this country.

This country has to wake up to what is happening inside the bubble in Washington, D.C. They have no idea what is happening in this country outside the bubble. Mr. Trump has put his finger on the pulse. This is a guy who wants to make this country great again and he will.

I would like to talk about “the enemy camp”. The enemy camp is Hillary Rodham Clinton. This is a person who does not know the difference between a lie and the truth…. She will not make a good Commander in Chief. She is someone who will leave Americans behind on the battlefield as she did four Americans in Benghazi.

I am so proud, standing up here right now, to be an American. Unbelievably proud.

“We were built on a set of Judeo Christian values that are so important. Do not apologize for being an American.”

This election is vital for our country. Every vote counts…


The campaign is doing very well. We are leading in Florida…. We are leading in Ohio…. We have never been this united.

I wake up this morning and see four hundred million dollars being shipped in cash overnight to Iran.

We have a president, who frankly, is incompetent. We have been humiliated by President Obama and his policies…. We have been humiliated as a country when they took our sailors and forced them to their knees.

You look at our numbers. Home ownership…. The worst number that it has been in fifty years. We have doubled our debt in the last eight years of the Obama administration…. America has been humiliated in so many different ways.

Libya! Look at Libya. Look at China. Building massive fortresses in the south China sea and taking your jobs.

Look at what is happening in Mexico. A friend of man is building massive plants. Not good news. “They are being built in Mexico.” They are not being built in Daytona.

Take a look at what is going on. We let ISIS take this position. Hillary Clinton should get an award for being the founder of ISIS.

The press is so dishonest. They want a certain narrative.

Remember this: Iran provided all of that footage of taking that money off that airplane. How does the president do that? This is in cash, in currency…. Iran sent us this footage to embarrass us.

Who gets the money? Who is AUTHORIZED to give cash? It is a disgrace.

There was a question asked of John Kerry. Why didn’t you get something settled in Yemen? Why didn’t you get something settled in Libya?  His response? “It was too complicated.”

We have a president who does not know what the hell is going on.

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