One American dead in London: The Latest “Motiveless” Jihad Attack

Heads up the Asses

And American blood on London soil.

When I was a young married woman I walked alone at night in the  Kensington Park area.

It remains a fond memory.

No more.

And if jihad attacks come from the mentally unstable than it is an echo of the voice of a self-proclaimed prophet – a man who declared slay them where you find them.

Find them at Charlie Hebdo. Find them in San Bernardino.  Find them in London.

The world is your hunting ground.

Strong Somali 19 year old? Knife in hand? Thrusting the knife into the body of an American woman in her sixties? Did he carve up her liver or merely inset the blade under the xiphoid process?

Ambush and asymmetrical. These are the hallmarks of the attacks.

If it is ambush and asymmetrical you have the motive.





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