The media splash is in Dallas today.  A federal lawsuit will be filed.

A young Muslim man will make his appearance with a haircut and new clothes.

But this is America.

He will not enter a court of public perception.

For Democracy to work he must enter the halls of a court of law.

Will this case be watched?  Of course!

CAIR will be watching.  Imam will watch. Muslim parents will be acutely aware of this case.

Public school educators will ultimately learn if the control of their classroom applies to everyone except Muslim students. Can they discipline all students equally for acts of willful disobedience or unacceptable social behavior?

“She is targeting me because I wear a hijab!”

Perhaps she is “picking” on you because you are standing naked before her based on your actions? The court system strips and stands both accused and accuser naked. The more polite wording for this is chain of evidence or forensics. But this stripping process is necessary to remove the expensive hardwood veneer and view the plywood. It is necessary so that both accuser and accused can be relieved of their burden.

An expensive veneer is going to court today. It is the stuff of plywood.

I have a brother who is adept at inflicting wounds via the use of humor. When the family target responds he proclaims in self-righteous manner, “I was only joking.”

It was a joke. A huge misunderstanding… a federal lawsuit in the making.

May the administrative chain of evidence be the primary display within the halls of justice.

The remainder will play out in a media courtship with public perception.



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