Lawsuit by Google Search

What the Hell?

I penned a note to Dr. Steven Jones.  He makes an appearance beginning on page 9 of the lawsuit.

The Last English Prince worked alongside Dr. Jones and has great respect for him.  He is the founder of Lyric Stage and has proven a seasoned producer for the larger of two stages at the Irving Arts Center for many years.  He is respected within the industry.

Lyric Stage

Dr. Steven Jones “packs them in” at the Carpenter Performance Hall.

And everyone goes home happy!

This is an age of lawsuit-by-Google-search.

Wanna smear Irving, Texas a bit more?  Type in Irving and a few words like “racism”, “black”,  “bigotry”, “Irving school board members”.

No work required. No trips to the courthouse or even the need to visit Irving, Texas.

A lawsuit originally written by another lawyer against our Mayor Beth Van Duyne referred to Irving as “an Islamic pit”. Oh, the creative juice that flows from these documents.

It is worthy of a future stage production:  Ahmed, the play.

As for Dr. Jones, I count him within the camp (and it is a large one) of individuals who continue to have both soft hearts and working hands extended toward our city.

As for the man for whom I retain tremendous respect, he is a victim of lawsuit by Google search.

The lamp is lifted beside the golden door.




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