Banning Facial Veils: Liberty functions to free the slave

Choosing to live in an open face society

The Last English Prince supports a ban on facial veils in secular Western societies.

Those who choose to be recipients of the blessings of secular liberty must show a measurable level of respect for our civilization.  Should that respect not be rendered, a basic understanding of what it means to be free is lacking. The enslaved should return to their favorite camp of enslavement. Be happy with your veil in Saudi Arabia and beyond. But do not inflict your bondage on the West. We are centuries ahead of you in women’s rights. These rights are hard-earned and we are in the camp of the free.

The latest script for public consumption for enslaved women runs along these lines:

“They  (a court judge, an employer, a government employee) are not treating me as a human being.”

Yes, you are being treated as a human being. We are trying to free you from the insensible shackles of enslavement. Learn to live with free moral agency which is a product of enlightened secular humanism. You are not enlightened. Your mind is the stuff of Dark Ages. Recognize it. Be humiliated by it. Be not proud of the fact.

The people of the veil are fleeing by the millions into Europe and beyond. Why are you fleeing what does not work well for humans to then insist upon the same level of human enslavement?

We wish to free the human from the trap. But should the human return to the trap let the shackles not be displayed in public and rattled about for all to see.



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