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The news has been under a mandated embargo since Tuesday, August 16th.  But the words of United States Senator Tim Kaine (D- Virginia) are apparently a pre-framed monologue for the announcement released today.

Anne  Holton (wife of Senator Kaine) will be moving to Pakistan next month.  As the Secretary of Education for the state of Virginia she will put her talents to work for the little girls of the nation.

Less than eighteen percent of little girls in Pakistan attend secondary education.  Forty-seven percent of the women are either fully or functionally illiterate. Value is not ascribed for the education of women. And as Islamic political forces continue to push for legal marriage at age nine years for little girls the outlook remains grim.

After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in 2017, Annella Kaine will put her talents to work to introduce little girls in Pakistan to the world of theater and music. She will join her mother, living along the Durand Line, to further facilitate a modest reach into Afghanistan and the Islamic culture which forbids a full embrace of the expressive art forms which we enjoy in the West.

Anne and Annella will face grave physical danger and the very real risk of sexual violence since Pakistan ranks third on a global list for most dangerous countries for women.

In anticipation for their need for invisibility whilst residing along the borders of two nations which cherish diminished physical presence of women in the public square a personal shopper has graciously purchased culturally acceptable fashion for Anne and her daughter Annella:

Shuttlecock Burka and Mandatory Purdah

Those of us who burned our bras,  received university degrees and served as Naval military officers applaud Senator Tim Kaine for his clarity of thought.  We also extend our deepest respect for his willingness to put his money where his mouth is.  (Yes, I ended a sentence in a linking verb, but I am fully literate, educated, enjoy a career and am currently seated at my desktop in  skimpy pajamas.)

Our prayers are not needed for Anne and Annella. They are getting a civilizational upgrade. No doubt about it. Senator Kaine would not use statistics to serve up a greater lie. Or would he?

Senator Kaine’s remarks regarding Women’s Rights in the West


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2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Senator Tim Kaine”

  1. The story is satire. Just like the one on General Patton’s diary. The statements made by Senator Kaine are deserving of the highest level of ridicule. Hence, a “breaking news story” to expose the utter insensibilities of his attempt to deceive the public.

    Islamic culture cannot compare to Western civilization. While there are desirable cultural traits (hospitality code, care for parents, etc.), Islam when practiced as adjudicated and codified denies women basic rights. Whether it is a right to keep your own clitoris, to the right to choose whom to marry, to the right to have an affair and not be stoned to death – Islam is lacking. Most despicable, is a woman who is raped, is considered to have committed fornication.

    Thank you for reading.


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