Chancellor Angela Merkel: War Lord

War Lord against women.  War Lord against public safety.  And War Lord of ambush stylized  gang groping.

This latest attack has the signature of Angela Merkel.  A woman who does not care about the women of her nation becomes chief of tribal customs which date back centuries – customs which are difficult to change.

The War Lord has spoken.  The women of Essen have been groped. But of course – there is a “hot line” where these victims can report out on their bruised breasts and buttocks, digit penetration of their vaginal vaults and anal cavities.

There is a hot line where they can shriek in terror and relive the moment when gangs of African men hunted them, separated them like vulnerable gazelle from the other merry makers, drove them into the corner and moved their sweaty bodies and bad breath up and down across the women – front and back – fingers probing, eyes crazed, full erections.

Ahh, yes. The War Lord is of the stuff of “Black Hawk Down”.


War Lord



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