Hillary’s Collapse: A Non-Fainting Event

Hillary Clinton did not faint.

What happened to her today is neither compensatory nor benign. It is neurologically


With normal fainting the head normally slumps but does not jerk.

The body does not stiffen.

Here is an example of fainting:

Compensatory fainting

I have done three years of neuro ICU.  Fainting does not look like this:

Pathological and possibly degenerative neurological condition

I also do not call this a seizure.  It does not meet the criteria.

Here is a better angle:

Hillary is gravely ill

  • She certainly cannot drive a vehicle with this condition nor should she be around a hot stove.

The voters deserve to know.  We should not vote for an individual with a severe health crisis.

If Ms. Clinton should die between now and the election we will not be told.

The “show” must go on.

We must demand the truth.



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