The World According to Muhammad

He sent out this Tweet on 9/11:

RIP the 2977 Americans killed in 9/11 and RIP the 2 million innocent Muslims who died in the US invasion for something they didn’t do

Last year, the owner of the Twitter account  placed his arm around President Omar al-Bashir in a smiling photo-op whilst on his whirlwind celebrity tour.  He smiled – with a man who has sent to their deaths hundreds of thousands and displaced 2.5 million. He smiled. And the object of his adoration is a genocidal killer.

This is the world according to Muhammad.

It is a world where there are Muslims.  And it is a world where there are the rest of us – a mad scrabble grouping of nouns and adjectives, depersonalized and unequal to the children of Allah.

The Tweet has garnered 60,000 retweets. Let that thought sink in.  A fifteen year old Muslim youth tweets out his hatred and it travels through the cyber ghetto 60,000 times.

This tweet is a product of the world according to Muhammad.








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