Bill de Blasio: Be an Honest Mayor, Damn it!

Pressure cooker devices.  Think Boston.   One was triggered adjacent to housing for the blind. Let that fact sink it.

What will it be next? Housing for adults with Down’s Syndrome? Housing for individuals recovering from a brain injury.  Your… church? A child’s swim meet?

Mayor DiBlasio informs New York residents it is “intentional” but “not terrorism”.

There are reasons why we do not trust our leaders

Our leadership lie to us regarding the threat. They lie and they think we will swallow the dishonesty.

We are told to “go about our lives”.

Mayor de Blasio.  Read my lips.

Stand at the bedside of those injured in the blast in Chelsea last night.  Shake the hands of their families and then smile and say, “Go about your lives!” Receive a thrashing. You deserve it.

The better script? That of Donald Trump. We need to figure out the hell what is going on.

Of course, The Last English Prince is well aware of what is happening. I will not lie to you.

Until then? Extreme vetting.

For every drop of blood spilled on the sidewalks of New York last night I have a message for Muslims in America.

For every American shopper suffering a knife assault at a Minnesota mall I have a message for you:

“Are you a Muslim?”

TRUMP IS COMING! And he is going to be coming for you.






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