With the decline of the Shi’a from the mid to the late 18th century and the dormancy of the Sunni, Islam cocooned herself with a view toward the future.


From Africa to India and on to the darkest reaches of  the subcontinent; from Europe to America; Islam embarked on a path of emergence in the early 1930’s.  It was an age of enlightenment for Islamic scholars. They realized that the world really could be their oyster. Some of the strongest scholarly writings seen in centuries emerged from the shadows during this era. The Last English Prince has read the writings of the three listed below:



Al Maududi


From the  the early 1960’s – the mid 1980’s self awareness brought the rise of miniaturized caliphates otherwise known by names such as the Fiqh Council of North America,  Association of Muslim Social Scientists, Islamic Council of North America, Muslim Association of Students, Islamic Society of North America and multiple other alphabet agencies of political prowess.


We are now at a stage known as flight.  Whilst honoring the work of forensic linquistic profilers  it is my belief that because of this age of flight we also require a new kind of hunter.

This hunter is of the mathematical kind.  This hunter is a physicist. If we truly project for things like force, acceleration, mass and flight patterns the results will provide a formidable new arena for discussion.

The chrysalis has emerged, is self aware and has taken flight.



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