We live in a constructed world,

A brain-built crystal lattice, a twinkling interaction

Of biology and culture, a levered system

Of neural nets and chemical switches,

A dogma of symbols that flourish,

Feed culture, and, as culture fattens,

Cluster more thickly throughout the grids.

We are called beyond those grids.

We pirate symbols to sight on the world

That we cannot talk about because,

Vast and free, it plunges beyond our nets.

Poets are the enemies of the virtual.

At war with imagination and reason,

We cling to both for the sake of

A sprinkle of intuition, a fistful of straws.

We are Odysseus tied safely to his mast

And maddened by Sirens.

From the poetry anthology of Dr. Benjamin Michael Carter

Listening to music while writing


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