The Poetry Anthology of Dr. Benjamin Michael Carter

September 11, 2001



We flew the coast to Tripoli

Across the dark distorted waters

Between the star-gleam and the sea.

We followed Mr. Reagan’s orders.

We found their city bathed in light,

We fell upon them from the night.

The history’s writ in black and white.

If they were wrong, then we were right.

Qaddafi bombed a discotheque.

F-111’s answered back.


We freed the Gulf of Panama.

Beneath the Gulf of Mexico.

We were the quickest on the draw.

We said what was and made it so.

From Cristobal to Amador,

We made those old Peace-keepers roar.

We’ve done it many times before,

And we don’t ever call it war.

Once General Noriega – wham!

Just one more doper in the slam.


They shouted, “Marx! Marcuse! Mao!”

In Rome in 1968.

We’ve got a New World Order now.

We saw it’s promise in Kuwait.

There Western armies faced Saddam

Beside the kingdoms of Islam.

With Tomahawk and laser bomb

We sang our nation’s battle psalm.

A torn Iraqi uniform

Was left behind by Desert Storm.


We stood beside the Kosovars

In March of 1999.

With NATO’s Belgian commissars.

We made the skies of Belgrade shine.

With low tech ground and high tech air

We blew the Serbs to you-know-where.

They lost five thousand soldiers there

And we lost none in that affair.

If it was brutal, it was quick,

And we butchered Milosevic.


Al Qaida hoped to terrify

And some three thousand people died.

We heard our whispered battle cry

From Pennsylvania’s countryside.

Back east New York’s Twin Towers fell.

They struck the Pentagon as well.

But on Flight 93 the cell

Crashed into the earth and went to Hell.


Our fighter jets soared on patrol,

And then Todd Beamer said, “Let’s roll.”


Today we fight a different war

And a more ruthless enemy,

One who commits mass murder for

A murky monstrous deity.

For him his murders satisfy

Blood he believes will never dry.

So under the directing eye

Of his hard monster god we die.

It’s Khobar Towers, it’s the Cole,

It’s 9/11, so let’s roll.





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