At times, a title eludes me.

What can I say? This incident is recent. Lack of report out on national level denies Americans the opportunity to discuss Islam.

Iraqi Doctor Plants IED’s in the woods of Kentucky

The Last English Prince has dined with Ph.D  and educated Muslims who hold radical views which are contrary to secular democracy. Education  does not necessarily denote logic.

Education level might, in fact, have greater play in some regard – when considering propensity to commit an act of jihad.

There is possibly a direct (and not inverse) correlation in the West between education and the propensity to commit acts of jihad. If nothing else, education might allow for more bang for the buck. A military psychiatrist at Fort Hood certainly fits the aforementioned profile. The Times Square (attempted) bomber fits the profile. The list marches on.

Do a bit of homework on this topic. I think the answer might just surprise you.


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