Trump v Clinton Presidential Debate: Live Blogging 26 September

Lester Holt, moderating.

08:05  Hillary looks like she is walking very carefully.

Question: Putting more money into the pockets of American workers.

Hillary gives an answer which is fairly passive and generic.

Trump is more “mission oriented”, for lack of a better term – on this initial question.

Trump plan: Reducing taxes for companies as a “job creator”. Renegotiate our trade deals.

08:11 Why did Hillary say “We need to have smart, fair trade deals” twice in a row – and the second time did not have greater voice inflection or emphasis? Was this a live streaming glitch? Unsure.

The attack begins – with Trump smiling at his opponent:

08:14 “Secretary Clinton has been doing this for thirty years.  Why has she not made the trade agreements better?”

08:16 Hillary slaps back. She insinuates Trump rejoiced in 2006 over a potential housing market implosion which in the later market collapse of 2008 caused many Americans to lose their homes.

08:19  Trump responds with greater specifics regarding unemployment in specific states.

“You have had thirty years to think about this.”

08:20 Hillary states she looked at all trade deals equally when she was in the Senate.

(The truth is out there. It was pay-to-play to benefit the Democratic party coffers with regard to trade deals under the Clinton administration.)

08:22 Trump is attacking Mrs. Clinton without regard to her gender.  It is as it should be and he is trying to throw the woman with the ear bud off her game.

08:25  Mrs. Clinton will probably blow her voice out fairly soon. She will not be able to maintain her volume.

Question: Mr. Trump you want to give tax breaks to the wealthy and Mrs. Clinton wants to take away their tax breaks.  You both have two minutes to answer the question.

08:27  Trump:  “The wealthy create jobs…. they will benefit the middle class….”

08:28   Clinton:  “We have looked at your tax proposals. I don’t see changes in the corporate tax rates… that would cause the repatriation of money coming back from overseas.  You have what is now caused the Trump loophole…. It is ‘Trumped up, trickled down.’ …. making college debt free…. broad-based inclusive growth….”

08:30 Trump rebuttal:  Typical politician.  We have the worst revival of an economy since the Great Depression…. We are in a fat, ugly bubble.  The Fed is doing political things…. by keeping the interest rates at this level… the Fed is not doing their job.”

Question to Mr. Trump regarding releasing his tax return:

08:32  Trump:  I submitted a 104 page document with the Federal Election Commission. Read that.  But the tax release is still under an audit.  I will release it after the audit is completed.  “I will release my tax return against my lawyers advice when “SHE” releases her 33,000 e mails…. Why did she delete her 33,000 e mails?”

08:36  Hillary:  A bit brambly and bumbling in her response. Insinuates “What is Trump hiding?”

08:37  Hillary: “I made a mistake using a private e mail.”

08:37  Trump  “That was not a mistake. That was done purposefully.  When you have your staff… and the one who set up the server taking the Fifth, I think that is disgraceful.”


“It is about time that this country have someone running it who knows something about money”

Hillary:  “I have met many people who were stiffed by you, Donald…. with the thousands of people you have stiffed over your business… I am certainly relieved my late father did not do business with you.” She also mentioned the well-worn trope about Trump bankruptcies.

Trump rebuttal: “It is all words. It is all soundbites…. When Secretary Clinton talks about people who did not get paid, they did get paid…. What she doesn’t say is about the tens of thousands of people who love me.”

Question of race in America:

Hillary:  Mentions Tulsa and Charlotte.  “We have to restore trust between communities and the police…. to use force only when necessary.  I have called for criminal justice reform…. The gun epidemic is the leading cause of death among young African men… We have to tackle the epidemic of gun violence.”

Trump: “Secretary Clinton does not want to use a couple of words: Law and order…. We need law and order in our country…. We have a situation where are inner cities, African American, Hispanics are living in hell, because it is so dangerous…. We have to stop the violence and bring back the law and order.  In Chicago, almost four thousand people in Chicago have been killed – since Barack Obama… We have gangs roaming the streets, and in many cases they are illegal immigrants – they should not be here….”

Trump supports stop and frisk. Mentions Chicago and Ferguson.

Hillary Clinton opposes stop and frisk, stating it was ineffective.

You can watch the remainder of the debate or other Trump rallies at this site:

Trump rally and speech sites







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  1. Hillary looks like she is walking very carefully.

    Most definitely!

    She walked in the way my grandmother walked for the rest of her life after her three strokes. Balance issues in my grandmother’s case.


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